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AICF is actively working with the Indian Government to amend the Presidential Order (SC) of 1950 and secure equal civil rights for Christian Dalits in India.

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AICF is working hard to secure the rights and freedoms of Christian Dalits in India. We are a group of like-minded, Christian advocates who are dedicated to changing history and transforming the world around us.

With staff, partners and volunteers located all over the world, we at AICF are excited about changes ahead and seeing God work through us to reverse three millennia of caste discrimination and social injustice.


In the Media

Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas S. Jaipal Reddy called for unilateral exercise of peace and ethics practised by people and imparted through religious tradition.

Speaking at the Pastors and Christian Leaders Conference organised by All India Christian Federation here on Saturday, Mr. Reddy called to mind the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ from the Bible which influenced Mahatma Gandhi.

He lauded the self-less services rendered to the humanity by Christian missionaries and said Jesus is worshipped for his message of peace.

He assured his support for the Christian Dalits who, he said, have been equally oppressed as their Hindu counterparts.”

“The Hindu” – May 13, 2012